Vajda, Lajos (1908-1941)

Lajos Vajda  Selfportrait  with Necktie, 1925     36×26cm  Carcoal on Paper   Signed bottom right: Vajda 1925.IX.10.    Exhibited, Reproduced
Lajos Vajda  Collage with Crucifix, 1937  31.5×30.5cm Collage, Mixed Technique on Paper   No Sign.   Exhibited, Reproduced
Lajos Vajda   Ivy, 1941   90×126cm  Carcoal on Paper  No Sign.   Exhibited, Reproduced

Painter. He was a student of István Csók at the Art School in 1927-30, then studied together with Dezső Korniss at Léger in Paris in 1930-34 where he met cubism and surrealism. From 1934 onwards, he collected folk art motifs in Szentendre and Szigetmonostor. In his style, folk art was combined with abstract and surrealistic elements. In his pictures he expressed his apocalyptic reactions to fascism. He died of tuberculosis in 1941. His works are the most individual products of Hungarian avantgarde painting uniting racionalism of compositions with surrealistic visions.