Magyar-Mannheimer, Gusztáv

Lake Balaton Landscape 45×55.5cm  oil on canvas  Signed bottom right: Magyar Mannheimer G

Painter and illustrator. He was a student of Makart in Vienna and Wagner in Munich, then returning to Hungary, he became a member of Benczúr's master school. His style was characterised by an alloy of romantic realism, naturalism and Makart's academic decorativism.

In 1901 his painting entitled 'Evening Atmosphere' won him a society prize, while he was awarded a small state gold medal in 1902 and a grand state gold medal in 1912. The Modern Picture Gallery of Venice purchased his picture entitled 'Spring' in 1910. He was present with his works in several collective exhibitions in the National Salon, the Enrst Museum, and his pictures can now be viewed in the Hungarian National Gallery.

He made a lot of illustrations (to the works of Hungarian writers Mikszáth and Sándor Bródy etc.). His self-portrait can be found in the Hungarian Historical Picture Gallery. He was a founding member of the Szinyei Society.