Herman, Lipót (1884-1972)

Landscape with Bathing Woman 35×39.5cm oil on cardboard Signed bottom right: Herman Lipót

Studied in Budapest from 1901, and trained himself in Munich from 1905 onwards, joining the Pattern Drawing School in Budapest again in 1908. Worked in Berlin between 1909 and 1910. Was a founding member of the Kecskemét artist colony. Went to the independent school of Pascin, in Paris, in 1911. Took a study tour of Italy in 1914, and joined up as a war painter in 1914. Played an active role in building the Színyei Society in 1920, and managed the exhibitions of the group of artists in the society between 1928 and 1946. He repeatedly returned to Italy, Paris and Munich in the beginning of the thirties. He taught at the independent school of OMIKE (National Association of Hungarian Israelite Public Education) from 1921n onwards, and in Szentendre from 1929. He worked in a number of places after the Second World War, with Zsennye and Szolnok among them. The written material found in his estate, including diaries continued since his childhood, serve as a rich collection of resources to form better knowledge of the times.

Source: Hungarian National Gallery